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At a glance - the story of NUTRIVMS BIOCHEM PVT LTD

NUTRIVMS Founder & CEO,  Dr. Muntazim Munir Khan initiated the project in 2020, with the vision to become a leader in sustainable technology for waste to a valuable product. The company is consistently working to develop innovative and valuable products based on the eco- friendly and nonhazardous chemical process.

Escalating a transition for a sustainable future

Nutrivms BiochemPvt Ltd. is a reliable and successful startup that can head-on and overcome challenges using innovative solutions. Our headquarters and pilot plant are located in Pune, Maharashtra-in close proximity to the poultry processing and oil seed processing industries. Nutrivms BiochemPvt Ltd. is driven by ambition as we develop and produce the highest quality products from wastes. We have relied on cutting-edge technology for meeting the highest quality standards.


We use science to improve sustainability and efficiency in key raw ingredients and adulterants of pet feed, cosmetics, weight management, feed supplement, and biofertilizer sectors to fulfill the growing population’s needs. We will evolve our business beyond providing products towards integrated solutions that are closer to humanity.

Dr. Muntazim M. Khan, Ph.D., MBA
Dr. Muntazim M. Khan has expertise in the field Polymer Chemistry, Proteopolymersomes, Modern natural product extraction techniques.
Dr. Vaibhav R. Acham, Ph.D.
Dr. Vaibhav R. Acham has demonstrated a history of working for renowned scientific and research organizations across the globe.